Jun 11, 2023 Update

The last few months have absolutely flown by for me, but in short, I've been making great progress in the gym (squat is inching towards 315lbs and the six pack is showing more as I put on more weight), I'm near the top of my class in the NYU Tandon Bridge program (at least for now lol), and I've been really hammering out my guitar technique for improv as of late.

I wanted to hop back into writing blog posts to continue tracking my goals as I go (recently updated my impossible list with chess and music related achievements).

I really love the high level overview the impossible list provides, so I want to start doing the same for my other areas of interest, just in more detail. Essentially, I'm going to be creating three lists:

  • A course development roadmap
  • A guitar roadmap
  • A detailed to-do list containing everything needed between these lists to get from point a to point b

I'm hoping with more clarity on what needs to be done to reach my larger goals such as "Obtain $5,000 a month in passive revenue" or "Perform at a bar gig with a band," I can start knocking off mini milestones that build the skills along the way.

Short post, but be sure to check out those roadmaps for a more detailed look into my life progress.